WAITING LIST - Beginners' Course 2024 - 2024/06/22-23

Start sailing!

Please note that all beginners signing up for this event must be CNCE members. Non-members must apply for CNCE membership or renew their membership and make sure they have paid the annual membership fee before joining the event.


Beginners' Course 2024 - 2024/06/22-23

1 practical sailing weekend + 4 theory sessions (290 EUR)

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Dietary requirements


All health-related information will be treated in absolute confidence under medical secrecy.

CNCE members are required to respect the club’s rules concerning COVID-19 or other illnesses. If you show any signs of infectious disease (not limited to COVID-19) on joining an activity, it will be at the discretion of the skipper to allow you to board.


Please also read about booking and cancellation with the CNCE.