Backsticks 2022 (11/06)

Zaterdag 11 juni 2022

HAVN Backsticks Tornooi 2022 - 9th edition PRE-REGISTRATION


The 9th edition of Havn Backsticks will take place on June 11th 2022 at Royal Victory Hockey Club Edegem (Belgium).

This is your pre-registration for the event. You will be the first one to be noticed when we can officially open subscriptions and at that time you will receive an invitation to pay your team's subscription fee.

Teams consist of 10 players (max. 14). You can register your team and upon payment you will receive the entry ticket for the entire team. You can register additional team members (maximum 4 additional players) to your team through the below application form or by sending us an e-mail (backsticks@victory.be). The registration fee for each additional member amounts to 35 euro. 

Your registration is only complete upon receipt of payment of the subscription fee. 

See you on 11th of June  

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Backsticks 2022 (11/06)

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Backsticks 2022 (11/06)
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