Adults - Subscriptions Indoor Championships 2023-2024

Welcome to the subscription page for the mixed, women and open indoor championships! Each Championship has it's own subscription deadline (see bellow) and it's own competition dates. So check these dates carefully and communicate them thoroughly to your teams.

Team fees:
Women, Open & Mixed: 140€ exl. VAT

See picture below


Subscription Deadline:

Mixed: 1 October
Women & Open: 8 October

Team Fee Deadline:
Your treasurer will receive an invoice after the subscription deadline with a payment deadline of 14 days.

Subscription Overview: 

*Too late for the deadline: send an e-mail to belgianultimatechampionships@gmail.com if there are still places available you will be allowed to join the championship.
** New teams will start at the bottom of the ranking in the order of time of subscription

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Infractions and penalties approval

These sanctions are not in place to punish you as a team. They are here to protect the competition and to protect you as team who does everything by the book. Please read the possible infractions and the corresponding penalties: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BDYH3xcCFWfO9aVgppuiEyaeknLCq7uQuLb0NHMJhNU/edit?usp=sharing


Administration rules

The BFDF has changed his administration rules check them here or in the information document (next page): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eBWut9W-nLkP-TV-thKcn33_3MCa153nS7UbGj9nJgo/edit?usp=sharing

Most important changes where made in the Eligibility Rules and Roster Regulation. 

Adults - Subscriptions Indoor Championships 2023-2024